Cake Smash Photoshoot Information

Where is the studio?

Home studio at 46 Hawthorn Drive, Banknock, FK4 1LF

Contact number

07980 555 772

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Nappies
  • Portrait outfit (optional)
  • Cake smash outfit
  • Clothes to go home in
  • Spare clothes for you (and anyone else helping out)
  • Baby's favourite toy (can help settle and also can work an incentive to look at the camera if needed)
  • Baby's favourite snack e.g. cheerios (this can help entice them to investigate the cake)
  • Plenty of towels and wipes
  • Your own bubble bath if you wish (optional)
  • Baby's towel for after the bath

What should I wear?

If you opt for a portrait prior the the 'smash' they can wear something smart, something memorable (I am one t-shirt). Once we move on to the smash part of the session it's important to remember that their clothes will end up covered in cake and icings please don't dress them in something you would be upset if it got ruined.

Also please note during the exploration of the cake smash your baby may want up on you for comfort while they are still messy, please dress in something that you don't mind getting cake or icing on.


We have always taken care when cleaning the studio. We do now allow extra time in-between shoot to do a deep clean of floor and surfaces. Any props or blankets are washed and/or left for at least 48 hours.

When entering we would ask you to wear a mask, this can be removed once we enter the studio itself.

We would ask you to take off your shoes and use the hand sanitiser which will be available upon entering.

Structure of the shoot

Structure of the shoot: Our cake smash sessions happen in 3 parts, all are included. You can opt out of any part should you wish.

  1. The portrait session - We take photos of the birthday girl or boy before they get covered in cake. This can include parents and/or other family members. We don’t spend too long on this as we don’t want to tire out your wee one before the main event.
  2. The cake smash - The main event! We bring out the cake and have fun getting messy with it. Sometimes some little tricks are needed to help things along and you may be called upon to help your child to feel comfortable in the new environment by encouraging them and engaging with the cake yourself – be prepared to get messy too!
  3. The bath splash – We have lots of splashy fun getting clean again in our special bath tub. Don’t worry the water is cloudy or bubbly to protect your baby's modesty.
  4. All parts of the shoot are child led and we allow the little one to set the pace, having fun is as important as getting those special shots.

If you are having a sibling incorporated into the mini portrait session then please have other arrangements for them once they have had their photos as the session can run long and distract your wee one from the cake and can have an impact on the number and quality of photos.


Completion of full payment (£150) required prior or on the day of the shoot.

Please contact us if you require our bank details for the transfer.

Terms and Conditions

Please read these and fill in the form prior to your shoot. Link to your terms and conditions form.

What happens after your photoshoot?

You will receive an email with a link and a password to a private online viewing gallery for you to select your 8 photos.

You can select more than the 8 photos included in the photoshoot at a very reasonable additional £5 per digital photo.

We provide high resolution photos for you to print however you like. You will also receive web ready resolution files for sharing with friends and family. If you are sharing on social media please mention us. Username: @dubarlowphoto on facebook, instagram and twitter.

We also offer prints framed prints and canvases for your photographs, You are under no obligation to do so. All your photos come with full printing and sharing rights (you are not allowed to edit/change or resell your photos).

We look forward to seeing you for your photoshoot.