Cake Smash & Splash

"Ahhh – your little baby is nearly One! I bet you're thinking “how did that happen?”"

—Every parent.. ever

A cake smash is a fun and unique way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Each cake smash session includes the opportunity for a mini baby portrait session, the fun curiosity of the smash itself and a clean up bath splash.


Milestones aren't just for your baby. Take a moment and celebrate your milestone, you've made it a year!

Alternate Cake Smash

What we call our "Fruit Shoot" - trademark coming 😃.

Whether your wee one has allergies to everything (like our wee boy) or just don't like the idea of the sugar. Our 'fruit shoot' is a great alternative to still celebrate the biggest thing to happen in their life so far.

When to book

Allow plenty of time before their birthday. Some parent like to have the cake smash on the day of their birthday, if so book in plenty of time to get the day you want. Some parent like to have the photos for amazing birthday party invitations. We do require minimum 2 weeks notice to order your custom made cake..

How does it work

We discuss colours and design, this includes the cake smash decor and setup, also the cake itself as each cake is specially made to order for your cake smash session. Get in touch if your wee one has any dietary requirements that may need to be catered for.

What to expect from your cake smash photoshoot

Our Cake Smash & Splash photoshoots typically last 1 - 1½ hours. Our cake smash sessions happen in three parts (not all are compulsory but all are included)

  1. Mini baby portrait session – This provides an opportunity to capture some lovely photos of your baby in their clothes specially selected for the occasion. We take photos of the birthday girl or boy before things get messy. This can include parents and/or other family members. We don’t spend too long on this as we don’t want to tire out your wee one before the main event.
  2. The cake smash – The main event! We bring out the cake and have fun getting messy with it. Sometimes some little tricks are needed to help things along and you may be called upon to help your child to feel comfortable in the new environment by encouraging them and engaging with the cake yourself – be prepared to get messy too!
  3. We clean baby up with a “Splash” photo session – While your wee one is happy splashing around I get to capture those special moments and you have a clean baby to take home. Don’t worry the water is cloudy or bubbly to protect their modesty. If your wee one isn't a fan of water then we have a dry bath with bubble fun.

All parts of the shoot are child led and we allow the little one to set the pace, having fun is so important to getting those special shots.

After your photoshoot

You will receive an email within 2 weeks after your photoshoot with a link and a password to a private online viewing gallery for you to select your photos. Each photo is individually edited to look their best.

8 digital photos are included as part of the photoshoot. We don't do a session fee then charge extra for you to have your photos. Every type of photoshoot we do has photos included so you always have something to walk away with at the end. Sometimes however you may want more than the 8 included and these are available to purchase at the ridicules low price of £5 each.

We provide high resolution photos for you to print. If you are sharing on social media please mention us. Username: @dubarlowphoto on facebook, instagram and twitter.

Cake Smash & Splash Pricing


- Cake Smash shoots last around 1 - 1½ hours
- Custom made to order cake
- 8 edited high resolution photos included
- Private online gallery to choose your photos
- Additional digital photos can be purchased @£5 each
- Prints, framed prints and canvases can be purchased separately 

Check for availability